Maturing into a professional Hockey Player: Have Fun, Work Hard, and Be Grateful!

Most kids grow up without the great fortune that I had and are never exposed to team sports. I had an amazing experience and was lucky to have the opportunity to be involved in hockey from a very young age. Hockey soon became the driving force of my childhood, and eventually my adult life. At a young age, it is impossible to fathom how each stage of your career ends up shaping the player you become as an adult.

Splitting the Cost of an Engagement Ring | Expressed Impressions

Picking out an engagement ring can be one of the most stressful things you experience, that is, until you begin planning the wedding! When it comes to picking out the ring there has been a controversy over whether the bride and groom should spilt the cost of the ring or not. This may be a question for progressive thinkers but it is becoming more and more mainstream.

My Path to Pro Hockey: Last Period of Play

The end of a grueling hockey season was rapidly approaching. I was playing in the ECHL for the Reading Royals, a team that I had spent the better part of four years serving. After an up and down season that included contracting swine flu and getting an epidural in my lower back due to injury, we were on the cusp of clinching a playoff spot. All we needed was 2 points in the final two games and we were in.

7 Ways To Stop Doubting Yourself And Create The Future You Want

Doubt is a dangerous thing. Doubt can be so powerful, in fact, it can single-handedly keep you from your goals and can even make you take steps backwards. Doubt can make your dreams turn to mush. It’s important to not allow doubt to be a part of your life if you have aspirations of achieving great things. Here are 7 tips to help you out and make sure doubt doesn’t keep you from the future you want!

How Far Are You Willing To Go To Be Successful?

The lengths that people go in order to achieve their desired levels of success certainly vary on a person by person basis. Some are willing to go above and beyond in hopes of reaching goals that some can’t even fathom. Others are successful on a smaller scale but they are OK with that. I guess it begs the question, how far are you willing to go to be successful?

ButtEndz: From Idea to the NHL

To be self-employed is the dream of many, but knowing what it takes to get there, is the true act of being an entrepreneur. Buttendz just turned 1 year old this week. I have been personally working on the project for 6 years. I can remember people asking me why I would want to build something from scratch to sell. I was hearing risk adverse option like the billable service industry as suggestions, and that the average time span of an idea from conception to market is 7 years.