Mr. Sarcastic and Bad Girl Breezy | Animal Medium Q&A #5 – Canine Cupcakes

Hi everyone! Maryam here for another round of Q&A! This week I had a chance to get some answers from Jolene and Loki, for dog mommy’s Bernadine & Jennifer. Jolene Mama Bernadine’s Question to Jolene: “Why can’t She get along with Breezy? They growl and can’t be left alone with each other in a room.” […]

Travelling: Should Your Pet Stay or Go? – Canine Cupcakes

You have worked hard and your vacation is finally just around the corner. However, there is a dark cloud looming over your happy anticipation. What should you do with your fur babies? Handling vacations when you have a pet (or more than one) is tricky business. The owners often find themselves unsure of what to […]

Gizmo The Guard Dog & Peanut On Patrol | Animal Medium Q&A #2 – Canine Cupcakes

Hi gang, welcome back! I’m Maryam the Medium, and today for our Q&A session we are speaking with Gizmo and Peanut. Thank you to all those who submitted questions, stay tuned as your pup’s reading is on the way. If you haven’t submitted yet to find out what your pup has to say, submit your […]